Thigh Reduction and Lift


Thigh reduction procedures are needed in patients with excessive skin and fat tissues in the inner thighs. After massive weight loss, inner thigh skin and fat can become excessively loose and flabby. The goal with thigh reduction is to tighten the skin and remove any excess tissue. Some patients have fat/skin tissue that descends way down past their knees and these procedures are tailor-made, to account for the various levels of excess. Some patients may need a small horizontal and vertical excision high in the upper thigh area, while others require longer incisions that sometimes go past the knees. It is important to appreciate that patients requiring longer incisions had been heavier than those who require smaller incisions to have a good outcome. After the procedure many patients find that the thighs have been lifted into a more youthful and attractive position.

Dr. Soueid performs thigh reduction and lift procedures in a hospital setting and keeps patients in the facility overnight. All patients are expected to walk the evening of surgery. The next morning, a soft diet is started only after the patient gets out of bed and walks 20 paces.

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